What is flocking?

Flocking for decoration has been around for some time, but recently flock has increased in demand as people are becoming more aware of it's velvet or suede feel.

The two most common processes of flocking are:


This is printing of single or multi-coloured designs on to prepared flock transfer paper, which is then heat transferred onto a substrate.




A method of garment embellishing is the application of "iron-on" FLOCK TRANSFERS which can be produced in both single and multi-coloured form. This transfer method is extensively used in the fashion, sports and cap industry and mainly suits smaller designs and labels. A good example of popular transfer items are players NAMES & NUMBERS on sports kit.Apart from garment material, transfers can also adhear to wood, card and paper products, as long as the substrate can withstand a fairly high transfer temperature and lay flat under a heat press.

Iron on Flock Transfers150x150 Numbers150x150

wwwFash150x150 Iron on Transfers150x150



This method utilises an electrostatic high-tension generator, to charge the flock fibre which are then propelled and anchored at right angles into an adhesive prepared surface, giving it a velvet feel.

Bill Web Photo150x150  Puma Blend 2150x150 LC 5 Orange-Green150x150 Nike Blend150x150 Blend RY 1150x150 Yellow Orange150x150


Electrostatic Flocking is more suited for larger designs and objects. This method is the applying of flock fibres to flat and unusual "3D" shaped items via a high-tension generator, which propells the fibres at high velocity onto an adhesive coated surface. This forms a high-density uniform flock coating which has a more "Fuzzy Feel" than iron on transfers. A common application of the "Fuzzy Feel" method can be felt and seen in cubby-holes and window trims on most makes of vehicles.

RB Blend 2150x150

Before                            After

Arm Chairs 1150x150 Arm Chairs 4150x150


        Before                            After

Clog 3150x150 Clog Red150x150 

 More 3D Flocking

Lever 2150x150 Wood Box150x150